Cotton Wash-Cloths


My mom saw some cute knit washcloths on a blog - and thought they were so cute that she asked me to make some. I never saw the post, so I don't know how mine exactly compare to the ones that she saw - but to make something I thought she might like, I used yellow and red cotton yarn - most of which I had as left-over scrap, to make these.

I used my Vogue Stichionary (thanks again Natalie) - to find simple repeating patterns to give the cloths some visual interest.

Though I had some co-workers tease me about making cloths, it was a fun project- and I found it to be a fun way to display interesting patterns.-

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Jodi Nelson said...

LOVE your dish cloths. Those things never really appealed to me. BUT,,, last fall a friend was crocheting them, and gave me a couple. I LOVED using them. They are awesome! The girls in our fam. (mom, aunt, sister, cousins) get together once in a while to crochet. And those are a favorite. I gave them as gifts at Christmas, with a bottle of bath and body works soap, in a little Target $1 bucket. Tied them up in a bow. They were a huge hit! I LOVE the colors you chose.

Janet McKinney said...

Love your blog - I discovered it recently.

You need to watch out - you have discovered a very addictive craft. You should try them - they are just the best to use. I give them away as little gifts now all the time. It is a good chance to try new stitch patterns that don't take too long to make

Janet McKinney

Abby and Stephanie said...

Love them! I have a knitting friend who keeps me supplied as needed. =>) Perhaps one day I'll learn to knit and make my own.

Unknown said...

Your cloths are very pretty. I make those all the time. In fact, there is a dish cloth in progress at all times on my coffee table. I never watch tv or sit and visit with my husband without knitting.

And I love dish cloths for several reasons -- they make lovely, thoughtful, simple gifts for someone -- they are quick (2 or 3 evenings of relaxing will do it) -- they are very practical and do the washing up job nicely -- and -- they are really pretty.

I have a whole book on dishcloths that I got from the hobby store. You should check it out. Although, yours are certainly lovely enough to not need a written up pattern.

Happy knitting!!

Elaine/Muddling Through said...

Good job! I like your color choices. And they do make wonderful dish cloths - very sturdy. I crochet mine, don't do knitting.

Purple and Paisley said...

shelbie, will you come live with me for a while and make me a bunch of pretty stuff????? =)

Jana Nielson said...

Those dish cloths are perfect! Knit cloths are the best for cleaning, and they last forever!

They are one of my favorite presents to get!

jen duncan said...

Very sweet. I love them!

Joanna said...

Those are so cute! I love the colors you used.