Refurbished Girly Things by Tracey

daughter number three here. i don't ever post, but have been trying some new crafts in my free time and thought i might show off a bit.

i had an old, torn silk flower from a long forgotten purse pin.
i took some tulle, rhinestones, sequins, tons of thread and a hairpin from my wedding, and turned it into a new hair-elastic/corsage. i am unsure whether i will ever wear it, having never received an invite to a red carpet event, but i do know i love to look at it.

then i threaded some beautiful purple yarn, hooked two pearl necklaces to it, and attached silver ribbons to either side.
this may be worn tomorrow to work, with a skirt. i admit i always wear skirts.
i have plans for some more changes, but am unsure what to put my hands on next. yet i do know pearls, ribbon and tulle are my favorite mediums to use, and they all help me show my girlishness.

my last bit is not a craft, but a picture i painted after a May trip back to Utah. i saw a pink tulip in my parent's yard, and couldn't resist taking several pictures of it.

tulips have always been my favorites, and lilacs. i have a lovely photo i have yet to paint of a beautiful bush in bloom from the very same yard. maybe this autumn, when my fondness pulls me to publish it in acrylics, i will have another painting to post.
love from Tulsa----Tracey
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Unknown said...

wow, gorgeous work. What a talented family.

Anonymous said...

I love the tulip picture. The colors are beautiful.

Dawn said...

The transformations are fantastic. Tulips are my favorite flower too.

Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

Oh my another wonderful talent in the family, You wear that and enjoy all the wonderful comments you will receive. I also love your painting, great color !!

Annette said...

Such pretty creations. Love them all.

Michele McLaughlin said...

Very pretty! Enjoy wearing them. Love that you always wear skirts. :)

Anonymous said...

Tracey, you did good girl!!! You follow in your mothers footsteps I can see, nothing goes to waste and new thing emerge. I love your silk rose!! Some young gent must invite you to a Red Carpet Event!!

julieQ said...

Such a pretty creation...wear it! Enjoy it!! Love your tulips too.


They are utterly gorgeous - well done you !

Micki said...

Beautiful creations! You are all so talented.

Carrie P. said...

Good job on all of them. I admire those that can come up with ideas just from stuff that they have around. I love the flower.