Happy Birthday Mason


Thirteen years ago our son Mason was born to our family with 7 older sisters. And he was a surprise. Two ultrasounds that were "80% certain" predicted he would be a girl. I went to the hospital with pink quilts and a pink outfit (needless to say, I did not come home with him dresssed in pink!). With my sisters and nieces attending the birth, the room was packed for his joyful arrival. The whoop that went up in the birthing room was so loud that all the nurses came running because they thought something had gone wrong. We were shocked to have a boy and elated. I think the first thing my husband did was grab the phone and call our girls to tell them they had a brother.

He's pretty spoiled and he does get teased quite a bit. But he's got a sophisticated sense of humor and he's really not afraid to do anything. His sisters have made him brave and wise.


age 8 - baptism

While he was sleeping, his sisters gave him a "wicked awesome face tatoo" that of course washed out. He's a very sound sleeper.

At his sister Whitney's wedding reception - by the end of the night he was wearing most of the chocolate fountain.

On vacation in California visiting superheros.

Chelsey gave him the haircut he always wanted.

His Heisman shot.

Fishing last summer at Uncle Brent and Aunt Michelle's Wyoming Ranch with Uncle Ken .


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Darlene said...

Happy Birthday, Mason!

jen duncan said...

Awww. Aren't boys just awesome? We didn't know it til we had my grandson 6.5 years ago. The long running joke was that our family just kept marryin boys so we could keep having girls. Then Caleb came along and completely changed our views. Sweet post for your boy, Nanette. ;-)

Purple and Paisley said...

happy birthday, mason! you look like an awesome guy...i so loved watching my sons grow up...boys are a hoot! =) enjoy your special day and make your mom wait on you hand and foot and do whatever you want when you want!!!...*giggle*

PamKittyMorning said...

Happy Birthday Mason!

whitneyms said...

ahhhhh, mason. he really should never fall asleep on the couch.
its so weird that he's now a teenager. even when hes 30 i'll prowley still see him as an 8 year old.

chelsey said...

Happy Birthday mason!!!!!

Stacy A. said...

Wow, 7 big sisters! This is going to be one neat kid. I love your blocks on Dear Jane. Your right, Anina is invaluable. I would never have attempted this otherwise. You really have some amazing quilts. I can't wait to follow along with your progress. Love Stacy

Di~ said...

Mason looks like a nice kid. Good photos of him. My son turns 13 next month. He is sure being a pistol, harder to raise than my 2 girls! so there goes the old theroy that boys are easier than girls - he has been a tough one.

Tracey M. said...

Yay! happy birthday mason, from eliot and me!and the cats! it is weird how old you are, i still remember the day you came home from the hospital!

Thimbleanna said...

I loved this entry Nanette! What a cool story and what a cool son. Growing up surrounded by women -- boy, I'll bet he'll make someone a great hubby someday!