Inspiring me . . .

My Dear Jane blocks from the weekend aren't finished yet and I'm not really that happy with a couple of them. But oh well. I'll catch up during the week I guess.

I have so many things I want to do and have been sketching and planning to do but having the time to fit them all in is always a problem in balancing my life. I know we all face that issue. Especially this time of the year. Its spring! So many things inspire me.

Anne Sutton inspires me. Thank you for this fabric, Anne. She is truly great person with so much talent. I can't wait to see what is released after Quilt Market. I know I'll be inspired by so many things that are coming out soon.

Fabric on my shelves inspires me -

I've got a kitchen themed quilt I've been planning for ages and this fabric has made me decide I should make it using the colors in this fabric and make it playful.

This fabric inspires me on ways I can change my dress quilt pattern to make it more unique.

This fabric just came out. I like it almost as much as this border fabric I'm using. I think the leaf fabric above is more affordable to feature in kits when I put out my "Leafy Treetops" pattern.

Of course spring inspires me. Unfortuantely frost is still present in the mornings here and in this picture it makes the flowers look like they are sprinkled in white.

Thinking about our garden this year inspires me. Well not "me" actually. It makes me want to inspire my husband about what I want him to plant! But peppers are definately on the list.
What is inspiring you today? - nanette
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Darlene said...

YOU inspire ME!

Guess what? After you showed your appliqued dresses I found the paper doll fabric, with the pink background deep in a drawer in my sewing room. Thought it would be perfect. :-)

I love your kitchen themed prints!

Abby and Stephanie said...

If you get 2 comments from me it's because something computerish didn't like me. I LOVE old fashioned kid fabric. Looking through my fabric stash on a gloomy day gets my creative juices flowing. Today fits the bill.

Anonymous said...

Ditto! What Darlene said! "You inspire me!" Your the best and always so helpful to a novice like me. :) Have a great day!

Eileen said...

yep! Anne Sutton definitely inspires me too. AND the spring flowers.. everything about spring. :)

Good idea to post about what inspires us.. that inspires me to do it too.

Hope those pepper plants work their inspiration on the right person. :)

Lily Boot said...

Mmmmm.... bundles of fabric - but I've promised not to buy any for a whole four weeks. Then I see your lovely fabrics AND buy the latest American Patchwork and Quilting to arrive in Australia. Oh dear! I can't wait to see your kitchen quilt - the colours in that beautiful alphabet fabric are just my cup of tea. Inspiring me today - I've just bought a copy of "Abuela", a children's picture book for $2. My little girl is a bit too old for it, and it's in Spanish which we don't speak or read, but the pictures! But the illustrations are sparkly and colourful, with lots of patterns and detail. It will definitely inspire some embroidery I feel!

Oiyi said...

Oh, I have fabric envy! Very nice.

Rima said...

What pretty fabric. I am still figuring how to sew, but I can feel myself being sucked into a whole new addiction.

Thimbleanna said...

Your blog is inspiring me -- as always! Where did you get that adorable alphabet fabric??? I've always loved the paper doll fabric. I made my niece (the one who just decorated the cake) a dress out of that fabric when she was just a little girl (pictured here on my old blog:
If you figure out the secret to too many projects and not enough time, let us know!!!

Anina said...

Ooh! Lovely, lovely fabric!
Hang in there with the Dear Jane blocks.

Happy Zombie said...

I can't wait to see what results come from your inspirations! You inspire me to dive into my fabric!

Ginger Patches said...

Oh I love all of that fabric!! I especially love that kitchen/alphabet fabric that is going to make a darling kitchen quilt! I have been collecting kitchen fabric to do that with also and then of course matching hot pads and tea cozies etc...So I think I would have to say that today you have inspired me to go get that out and play with it... thanks Nanette :)