Baby Tumbler Quilt


This is one of the quilts I sent to Fons and Porter for their baby quilt contest. I made 5 baby quilts and rules stated they had to be "original designs". I thought my take on making a tumbler block into a bow was kind of clever. I knew tumblers weren't completely original but I do like my use of fabric and color and making them into bows. Yesterday I stumbled on a blog by Kelly and saw she has a similar design and has sold darling kits for this quilt. Since I've made my tumbler quilt I've seen several like mine. I think the shape of the block is really pleasing and all in all it was a good experience making it. I will continue to use this pattern and idea for gifts and baby quilt sales. I love using vintage fabric along with new fabric and Japanese reproductions and I try to incorporate vintage fabric into every quilt I make.

So much for winning a new Bernina. I guess they liked choo choo trains best? The strange thing is that Fons and Porter sent only 4 of my 5 quilts back. I emailed them when I didn't receive my 5th and they said they are holding on to it for additional review before a committee. I don't really know what that means but from the email they sent to me today they have kept at least 20 other quilts for "review" that weren't winners either. They said they would send me a letter (maybe) about it so I'll just have to wait and see. However, the fabric I used for that quilt was a Japanese import that isn't even around right now. That might kick my quilt out of any possibilities since they mentioned fabric availability was a consideration for the committee. It was a great opportunity for me as a quilter and designer to stretch myself and enter this contest in any event. I'll post the other 3 baby quilts that were sent back another day. - nanette
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whitneyms said...

ooooooooooooooooooooooo, so thats why you still haven't gotten it.

michelle said...

Nanette that quilt is darling and you really should have won the contest with that quilt. If i was the judge you'd be sewing on a new Bernina

chq said...

I say you should have won - for all that my opinion counts.

Great work, I love the fabric and the colors!