Sweets' Pencil Roll


My mom gave me this book by Joelle Hoverson as an early Christmas present. I'm making the pencil roll for my boyfriend's sister for Christmas. She's an artist and I hope she likes it. It was fun picking out fabrics, but what I hate most about sewing is all the cutting that needs to be done. blech. I did cut enough for three pencil rolls though, so I'm set if I want to make one again soon. I had a hard time getting my fabric choices look cohesive until I got the order of the colors right. It is very satisfying seeing it all layed out and pretty looking, but I still have to put the whole thing together. I'm sure it will turn out cute. -Natalie
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Shelbie said...

I see some scraps in there from some of the japanese fabric I used in my skirt -- glad to see its being put to use. I told mom that it was worth not throwing away!

Thanks Natalie

Natalie said...

i cut scraps of your other fabric too. and stashed bigger samples of those scraps away for me to use or adore later, like a squirrel hoarding huts.

whitneyms said...

hehe, like a squirrel hoarding nuts.

you might need a shirt with that on it. and with this picture too.


michelle said...

Natalie that is so cute and you made great color choices. I am going to look for that book.

Rachel said...

The pencil roll is super cute! What a great idea!