I hate to paint

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We got up this morning and started work painting the soon-to-be sewing room. It has some of the best natural light in the house (but today it was snowing). We moved the kids study area to the open space downstairs in the newly remodeled basement and now Dave mostly uses a laptop so he doesn't need a dedicated desk area much. So I decided the family didn't need the room anymore and I am taking it over. My old sewing room is going to be used in a different way and we'll get to that in 2008. I forgot how much I hate to paint. I'm not sure who hates painting more though, me or Dave. And now I think my right arm is permanently paralyzed. The one whole wall is painted shelves and that was unbelievably awful to paint.

These are the "before" pictures. We will put the wall color on later in the week and then have a try at the "after" pictures. I can't wait to get my fabric folded up and organized all pretty on the shelves. - Nanette
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