finally, eh?


My sisters have been wanting me to post pictures of the fabric hoops I made to decorate my bedroom walls for a while now (please disregard the crumpled blankets on the bed; I love the look of an unmade bed, but it doesn't play so well in photos). I got the idea from the purl blog earlier this year and just loved the idea of using my favorite fabrics as an informal art. And just to show you how long it takes me to get around to things, I have since upgraded to a bigger bed, new sheets and a whole new look to my room so these pictures are totally outdated. I need to make more hoops that match the new look better and maybe when I get around to it again I'll post again. -Natalie

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Anonymous said...

I think you could have atleast made your bed for this picture Natalie.

mommasunflower said...

I think this would be a great idea to decorate a sewing room. I think I will when I finally get mine.

ahmed said...