Japanese Granny Square Shawl/Scarf


My mom gave me this beautiful Japanese book with Japanese crochet patterns in hopes that I would make something for her.

(As a side note, I can't seem to find an official title for this book, but I would like to know who this model is, because her hair is gorgeous)

As part (most) of my mom's Christmas present , I made the scarf on the front cover.

I changed up the color scheme for for one with more bold colors - attempting to make red (her favorite color) the main theme.

The end result is shown below. It was a fun project, and I have a feeling I will be doing more crochet in the future!

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michelle said...

Way cute Shelbie. You do such cute work. Keep it up. Love your stuff

Anonymous said...

Its so warm and nice. When I'm at work in the basement office its so cold I keep it on all day long. And its cute, too. Thanks Shelbie. I love it.

Beata said...

I have this book and I was just admiring it this morning - I'm completely blown away by how beautiful it is!! Your scarf turned out beautifully - 'Love the colors!