Christmas Bags

For Christmas I made 6 of the 7 girls purse sized bags. (Laurie adamantly didn't want one and Jamie will probably not use hers. They are too tomboy I guess.) It was kind of fun to personalize each bag for them. I filled them with books and make-up and some jewelery for each of their personalities. I think it worked out. - nanette

Shelbie's bag - it's for knitting and squared off at the bottom so it can sit on the floor and hold a box she keeps with some notions in it. I also got her a knitting needle case from Etsy. This bag is made from Japanese canvas with leather handles I bought that just crimped on.
Jamie's bag - may never be used. It has a combination of vintage, new and Japanese fabric. I got the pattern from one of my Japanese craft books but I had to use a lot of imagination since I don't speak Japanese.
Chelsey wanted a yellow bag again from vintage fabric (the cat is a linen dish cloth), new fabric and Japanese. I like the rick rack at the top.
This is Tracey's bag and its full of her Christmas presents. After making Jamie's bag I changed the pattern completely in size and scale. Also, new, vintage and Japanese novelty fabrics were used.
Whitney's bag, also full. I got her a knitting case from Etsy, too. Same type of fabrics used in this one.
Natalie likes owls. It might be hard to tell from the photo but hers has a wool owl appliqued on the pocket. The lining is some vintage fabric she got on a trip with Justin to Michigan.
Inside Natalie's bag. Most of the bags have 1-2 pockets with my "one of a kind" tag on them.
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Natalie said...

i like my bag! yay!

antique quilter said...

these bags are all beautiful.
I hope all the girls use them. What a great idea to use them to hold all the presents in.

LizzyHouse said...

WE LOVE the bag that you sent! My mom is going to keep the bag, and I get the little zipper bag! Nanette, your craftsmenship is impecable. You really should pattern that bag! I hope that you guys had a great Christmas!


michelle said...

Gee Nan I Stand All Amazed at what you can do. The bags are all so darling and each one alittle different. What I could do if I only had an ounce of your talent

Tracey M. said...

i have had people stop me and ask where i got it. i totally adore it. and need another one.

Thimbleanna said...

I love your bags Nanette, and all the special touches that you have added to each of them!