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When ever I get a package of fun fabric or a good quilt book I take full enjoyment from petting the fabric and pouring through the pictures in the book. Its such a treat. My mind starts filling up with ideas and plans. And thats the best part of a new project - the dreaming and planning. This came yesterday from Kitty-Craft.

I want to make this quilt, these slippers and this tea cozy. I don't drink tea but I have a collection of teapots and I love their shape. I think a cute tea cozy on a teapot would look great on the shelf in my new sewing room. The patterns for the quilt and slippers were in one of the books but not the cute babushka. I'll have to think about how to make her. She reminds me a little of the soft toys that Wee Wonderfuls makes. I have to pace myself and wait until the new year to start new projects, when I'm finished with Christmas and I've moved into my sewing room. Patience! - nanette

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Anonymous said...

Hi Nanette. Can you help me...? I have list my link to the book with the tea cosy matryoshka. I don't remember which books the pattern is.... Crisis. Have a great Sunday!