The other baby quilts

These are 3 of the 5 quilts I submitted to Fons and Porter's baby quilt contest. The top one is called baby roses, the 2nd is woven strips, and the 3rd is plaid toys. My philosophy on baby quilts is that they should be used and loved and sturdy enough to be washed and washed. I like to use interesting fabric for both the baby and mother. A quilt is almost a fashion accessory for both mom and baby. I also think they should be made from a simple design and pattern. I don't like dark colors or fussy quilt patterns with lots of triangles and sharp edges for baby quilts. I like them to be soft and light just like a newborn. Planning and creating the 5 quilts was a good experience. - nanette

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Thimbleanna said...

Oh Nanette! They're all very cute. I especially like the one with the toys -- very clever!

michelle said...

Wow those quilts were darling. Any baby and Mom would love to be snuggled in any one of them. What good work you do.